Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Polar Whirlwind Release Date

The Polar Whirlwind release date is hopefully very close. I have seen reports on the internet that Polar Whirlwind has actually been released in Norway. I cannot confirm this either way, but I have seen a single character pack of the figure on eBay. It seems like the last remaining figures are finally reaching the stores. Over the last few weeks we have seen the Giants Thumpback, Eye Brawl and now Ninjini released. We have also see the variant figures Jade Flashwing and Molten Hot Dog released as store exclusives (Jade Flashwing at Target, and Molten Hot Dog in Walmart). We don't know exactly how Polar Whirlwind will be released in the US. Another store exclusive perhaps? Apart from Polar Whirlwind there is only one other variant figure left to be released and this is Scarlet Ninjini. We will keep you updated on this information, and on the exact Polar Whirlwind release date.

The Polar Whirlwind Figure

Polar Whirlwind is actually the same as a Series 2 Whirlwind, but painted a different color. Regular Whirlwind is a mixture between a dragon and a unicorn, and is usually a pale blue color. She has a multicolored horn. Polar Whirwind is painted completely white apart from her eyes and unicorn horn. Very few pictures of this elusive figure have been seen so far, but she looks pretty awesome.

Once we have any more news on Polar Whirlwind, we will update this page. But here is a little more information on the other latest variant figures: Jade Flashwing and Molten Hot Dog.

Jade Flashwing

Finally out in Target stores this week, I was so excited to see Jade Flashwing. The regular Flashwing figure is pretty impressive. She is a Gem dragon, and the regular figure has purple crystal wings and turquoise scales. Jade Flashwing has, as you would expect, green crystal wings. The figure also has golden scales. Except for these differences in color, the two figures are identical. I are not sure how many Jade Flashwing figures have been produced, but if she has only been produced in limited numbers I would expect that she will become very collectable. We shall have to wait and see.

For more product information on Jade Flashwing, click on the image or text links below.

Skylanders Giants Jade Flashwing Target Exclusive

Molten Hot Dog

Molten Hot Dog was released a couple of weeks ago as a Walmart exclusive. However, he can now be find online at sites such as Amazon. Molten Hot dog is basically the same figure as the regular hot dolg, but painted a different color. The regular hot Dog figure is  a fiery red canine, with yellow paws. The Molten Hot Dog figure is a yellow color with red paws, so they are sort of opposites of each other. The only other real difference is the color of their eyes and collars. Molten Hot Dog is available in a single character pack. Again, I don't know how rare this figure is, depending on how many were actually produced, this figure could become quite collectable.

For more product information on Molten Hot Dog, click on the image or text links below.

Skylanders Giants: Molten Hot Dog Figure

I hope you enjoyed this post on Polar Whirlwind and some of the other Skylanders variant figure!


  1. Heya, I've posted a picture on the facebook-page - look under "posts from others" and you will se a picture of the figure together with the card :)

  2. Thanks for the Photo on facebook. Polar Whirlwind looks awesome!

  3. Polar Whirlwind is being sold in Spain since last week!

    1. Wow Europe seem to be getting Polar Whirlwind before the USA. I have also heard that Scarlet Ninjini is on German Amazon site

    2. Yeah, you're right! I've already bought Scarlet Ninjini in (Denmark Amazon) and I'm waiting for the shipping! :) I also have Polar Whirlwind which is being sold in Media Markt in Spain (where I'm from).

    3. Sorry it wasn't "Denmark" Amazon... it was "Deutschland" Amazon

  4. Polar Whirlwind is beautiful! I can't wait to get one for myself.